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At Byford Pollard Ltd we can help you at every stage of the life of your business. Years of experience has demonstrated that the right advice is crucial to the continuing success of any company. But these benefits are not limited just to the company level; advice can help to greatly limit personal taxation costs.


Our advice is valuable and could save you thousands of pounds.

Peter Pollard is a Chartered Tax Adviser and provides advice on most

aspects of taxation law. A small selection of advice available on taxes includes Business Tax, Capital Allowances, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Partnership Tax, Personal Tax, Property Tax including buy to lets and the new tax regime and HMRC Enquiries. We can advise on sales of homes and let property, transfers of wealth down the generations, business transfers, gifts, divorce and auto enrolment.


Free Telephone Advice


We give free telephone advice on general matters for calls lasting less than 5 minutes. 


HM Revenue and Customs


We will advise as to the quality of records which need to be kept to satisfy HM Revenue and Customs requirements


Drawing money out of your company


We provide advice on the different methods of drawing funds out of companies and advise on which methods are likely to be best for you. 






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