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Your Company Matters


At Byford Pollard we offer decades of experience and a range of services for establishing and maintaining your business. 


Forming a company


The decision on whether to form a company usually depends on two main factors, taxation and risk. We can help you to decide if this is a suitable option for your circumstances.

Within just a few days, we can arrange for a formation agent to set up a company for you.




We can help ease the stresses of setting up a new business by arranging for your new business or company to be registered with HMRC for Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT and also with Companies House.


Accounts Preparation


We help you to set up robust accounting systems that suit your individual needs as well as providing you with a fast and efficient book-keeping service to help you keep up-to-date. 

We are highly proficient in preparing VAT and PAYE returns.


Company Secretarial Services


Additionally, we can also undertake your company secretarial work and complete your statutory returns for each year.


Statutory Records


We will arrange for your company statutory records to be kept up-to-date at Companies House.






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