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Personal Taxation


Our experience, expertise and efficient approach has cemented our reputation as a courteous and professional service provider.


Income Tax and National Insurance


Many people find that the frequent changes to taxation laws affect them. Some will benefit but others may find themselves worse off. Byford Pollard & Company are here to help. We are on the side of our clients and will champion your cause.


These days income tax is becoming increasingly complicated and it is very easy to miss the allowances or deductions that you are entitled to receive.


Where possible, we explain how much the tax liability is likely to be and advise when tax needs to be paid so that you have time to arrange for funds to be available to meet liabilities as and when they are due.


We prepare self assessment tax returns and calculate your tax liability and look for repayment possibilities.


  • The basic rate for income tax is 20% and this rises to 40% or 45% dependent on income.


  • National insurance is charged on profits for the self employed at 9%.


Capital Gains Tax


This applies to gains on the sale of assets such as shares, properties and businesses etc. We can help you plan your liability and minimise what you have to pay - planning in advance is key.


Inheritance Tax


There is much that can be done to reduce exposure to inheritance tax. We will be pleased to provide advice on such matters and will help you to transfer wealth around the family.


Tax Enquiries and Investigations


Enquiries and investigations into tax returns by HM Revenue and Customs tend to be time consuming, expensive and stressful. We will help you to assemble the information required and reduce any liability to the fullest extent possible.






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